Stories, emotions, language, culture, design, trends, experience, and connections. 

These are the things that bring me to life - and as a brand and creative content professional, these are my daily work.



In pursuit
of meaning

Throughout my experience, I have seen over and over the central role that meaning, imagination, and connection play in successful branding and marketing. What more is a brand than a vehicle for expressing a larger story of the innate human drive to provide for others and create communities around shared interest? This is the seed of my passion for impactful marketing, and the core of my work in branding, messaging and content strategy.

The free hours of my youth were spent immersed in books, on stage in a play, or typing away on a blank page. That drive to seek and create stories everywhere hasn't waned a bit, and has guided me to where I am today. My professional work is driven by the thrill of combining smart stories, brilliant design and basic psychology to produce effective, meaningful marketing that matters to the people who produce and experience it. 


The questions
that guide me

What responsibility do I have, as a marketer, to help foster larger marketplace conversations about socially and environmentally responsible business? How can I help ethical companies grow? 

How do we ensure that the values that fuel marketing and branding strategies and technologies align with the values of the audience? In other words, how do we make sure marketing stays ethical and responsible, while supporting the efforts of the audience to live their best lives, on their own terms?

How can I help business and branding leaders thrive in their role as cultural storytellers? Can that sense of responsibility bring deeper meaning to their work, brand, and daily experience?