My Approach

What does emotional intelligence have to do with brands?

Emotionally intelligent people are ready and willing to communicate, to build trust, to engage with and care for others, and to reflect on their own mistakes as opportunities for growth. Emotionally intelligent brands are no different, and they are better suited to evolve, with grace and resilience, along with ever-changing internal, cultural, and competitive landscapes.

Sincerity and curiosity are the most important traits for brand leaders who seek to cultivate brands of purpose and integrity, inside and out.

My approach to brand-building combines evidence-based brand strategy techniques with inquiries from the personal development space. By approaching strategy with a goal of instilling honest self-awareness and purpose within the brand system, we can achieve outcomes that are more human, and therefore more engaging and meaningful.

Why “branding”?

Branding is a practice in which storytelling merges with culture, design, behavior, language, and the human experience, and a “brand” is a concept around which culture creates shared meaning. My fascination for all of the things in the previous sentence led me to the Masters in Branding Program at the School of Visual Arts, where I earned my Masters Degree in Branding. The interdisciplinary approach I bring to my work is informed by the industry-leading strategists, designers, creatives and leaders from whom I had the privilege to learn and work alongside. Looking forward, I believe that the practice of branding, as a culturally sensitive and inherently social process that endeavors to find and create meaning around universal human values, has a role to play in our world beyond billboards and banner ads (though those can matter a great deal). I hope to bring branding’s inherent spirit of curiosity, creativity and collaboration to all challenges I have the opportunity to tackle in the future.